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Going to ABQ Dentists for the first time can be a very positive experience for your child and for you. Generally we see start seeing children ages 2-3 and many parents bring their little ones with them when they receive check-ups so they can get used to the dental office. We even have a special appointment just for them, called a “Happy Visit”.

During a “Happy Visit” we introduce the child slowly to the items within a dental office that can be scary to them. The rocket chair that moves, the squirt gun that sprays water, “Mr. Puff Puff” sprays air, the light “Mr. Sunshine”. We take time to introduce the gloves, mask, mirror, and tooth counter. When they are comfortable, we invite them into the chair, let them look in a mirror and watch as we count their teeth. We also have dental friends and our Dental Dragon that decorate the room.

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